Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder Review, Specs and Price

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German company Aiptek has launched  to the punch in the UK, with the small, portable HD 3D called Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder. Aiptek 3D available now in the UK and will go on sale tomorrow for price £199.99.

Aiptek 3D Camcoder comes with a 2.4” display that has a built-in 3D filter, giving you an eye-popping experience whenever you view videos on it and dual-HD sensors that you can capture 3D stills and videos which can be later converted by the software to work with most 3D televisions. The camera on Aiptek 3D HD has two lenses each with a 5 megapixel sensor to shoot stunning high definition (1280 x 720) 3D video and can take still photos of 5Mp resolution. One advantage of this would not having to wear a pair of special glasses in order to view your handiwork wherever you are thanks to the display’s integrated 3D filter as mentioned. which we imagine makes it the first appearance of a parallax barrier display, beating the Nintendo 3DS and the Sharp 3D phone to the punch. you can also connect it to your PC via USB, or to your HDTV by HDMI.

Of course, you can also play back its content on a dedicated 3D TV if you have one at home, without the need for glasses as well. To watch the 3D footage back on a larger screen, there’s an HDMI socket for connecting to a compatible active shutter 3D TV. You can also upload straight to YouTube 3D.

Like most pocket camcorders the Aiptek 3D Camcoder has an integrated USB connector for plug-and-play connection to computers. The battery will give you 1.5 hours recording, and there is no built-in storage for recorded videos, but the Aiptek 3D HD is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB.

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