LG G Flex – India’s First Curved Smartphone

The LG G Flex is the latest and most expensive Smartphone offered by LG in the Indian market. Almost one year after announcing this phone, LG presented this phone with a staggering price tag of Rs. 69,990, slightly more than what people have expected. But apart from having an astounding price tag, this phone incorporates some of the most innovative ideas and technology to present a phone that is way ahead of the competition in every aspect.

What Makes LG G Flex Special?

LG G Flex Launch

This phone features an innovative 6 inch curved plastic OLED display, which gives this phone a subtle arch look. Although the 700 mm radius curvature is visible very prominent, the phone is very comfortable to hold and it makes managing the massive six inch screen very easily.
The curved screen takes the viewing experience to a new level and watching movies and playing games on this Smartphone feels more engrossing, even the sound is amplified due to the curvature which further enhances the experience.

Design Elements:

This phone has a premium build quality that is quite sturdy when it comes to rough handling. The phone is capable of withstanding pressure up to 88 pounds without showing any signs of damage. This phone can flex itself while it is placed in your pocket and you can actually sit on it without causing any discomfort.
The back cover features a “self healing ” coating that prevents the phone against damages like mars and scratches which are bound to come while using a phone.


This phone is powered by a 2.26 GHz snapdragon quad core processor, which is coupled with 2 GB RAM, which makes it one of fastest Smartphone available in the market today. It runs on the Android 4.2 jelly beans, which offer a swift interface. Adreno 330 GPU ensures that all the high definition media is played flawlessly without any problems. Overall the phone has a very fluidic interface and does not show signs of lag even when running multiple applications. The 3500 mAh battery is more than sufficient to run this device for a day under heavy usage. The battery runs on patented technology which provides greater efficiency and has a unique curved shape.

While the screen is the major USP of this phone, it still comes with a dated 720p resolution which deteriorates this otherwise brilliant screen. The display produces vivid colors and is easy to view both indoors as well outdoors under direct sunlight.

This Smartphone is equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera that captures high quality pictures and has an impressive low light performance. It also includes an LED light which helps in taking self portraits with the rear camera, it turns green when the face is in focus, so that the picture can be clicked easily.


Some of the most innovative ideas and design elements were introduced into this phone make this fun class apart from the rest of the competition. It is equipped with the latest hardware and delivers amazing performance, but with contenders like Samsung NOTE 3 and S4, this phone proves to be way too expensive for the features it provides.

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