Microsoft’s New Smart Phone

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What if your smart phone could run Vista AND AOL? See more UCB Comedy Subscribe to UCB http Written by Chris Wilkes and Addison Anderson. Directed by Guy Patton. Shot and edited: John Kingman. Starring Chris wilkes, Guy Patton, Addison Anderson.


  1. i m not kidding, from the release? some part of me died a little bit…

    but u know what? i sincerely hope hope hope ipad’s development would get better over time. or else, i would just stick with my itouch… i mean.. ipad nano. lol : P

  2. @whoshu1 “iPad disappointment”? It hasn’t even been released yet. are you kidding?

  3. lmao!!!! yeah… there’s a “FAP” for that

  4. lostworld2420 says:

    an iphone Killer LOl

  5. BORDNER696 says:

    omfg! waaaay better than ther IPAD! id buy it

  6. @tonyandjonnie lol

  7. Amazing, looks waterproof too 😀

  8. LMAO

  9. dats hot…hehe

  10. DaRkSn1pZ says:

    fune app

  11. u know what? after the iPad disappointment… this FUNE sounds pretty sweet.

  12. tonyandjonnie says:

    that stupied!.
    is this suppost to be a joke!?

  13. TheonlyNiyrulegend says:

    easily downloaded apps…. or fapps LOL

  14. sheandicallitus says:

    Was amusing but goddamn that terrible chromakeying just kept annoying me.

  15. BeckiiBubbles says:


  16. lol i like the heat up lol hahha

  17. rofl

  18. Me to. More hot then the iphone 3gs

  19. RobertMfromLI says:

    @oOXP5Oo – it’s making fun of the fact that Windows Mobile is so lagging behind Android and the iPhone’s OS. Even with a massive head start.

  20. MrOldBuddy says:

    Hey, I just came across this site that is supposedly giving away a number of Motorola Droid’s, ofcourse the chance of getting one is small since there must be tons of people signing up for this, but anyway, I signed up and I’m hoping to be one of the lucky ones. It’s free and takes like 30 seconds so I thought why not. My brother even joined the contest and he already owns a Droid.

    Check it out!

  21. LOLL

  22. I know what I’m getting next xmas! :L haha

  23. GuitarTipsNTricks says:

    yeh but the iphone can do all that to

  24. Me encanta el nuevo teléfono de Microsoft. Mucho mejor que el iPhone y Android…¡Donde va a parar! ¡Me parto!

  25. jaggerjack73 says:

    nice phone…

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