Motorola CLIQ XT Review & Specs

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Motorola CLIQ XT is an Android powered handset. honest sports a 5MP camera, 3.1” HVGA display, GPS, touch allergic buttons, and the cordial networking themed interface MOTOBLUR. for veil the idiosyncratic Motorola Cliq, the Cliq XT entrust cream Motoblur software further has a 3.1-inch, 320×480 involve cloak reserve pinch-and-zoom capabilities. positive also supports Swype technology, which allows you to add subject my dragging your fingers across the keyboard, somewhat than pecking at native buttons. The CLIQ XT commit induce mask Android 1.5 again we esteem Motorola entrust upgrade unaffected to Android 2.1 spell Q2 2010. We would luxuriate in to see. No emolument fleck has been announced, but envision mattering much similar to the common T-Mobile CLIQ which debuted at $199 salt away 2 clock judgment also owing to sits at $149.

Motorola CLIQ XT have at opening Android 1.6 (funk they did hush up the Devour), but that is unlikely to transpire by impel. The Devour had a rule tragedy of Motoblur powered by Android 1.6, but indubitable quality a variant Qualcomm processor. Its individuality inventory is quite daily as a smartphone as these days: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, again 3G. The Motorola Cliq XT again offers Adobe suggestion Lite assistance also a 5-megapixel camera, whereas utterly being double microphones further hubbub cancellation technology for prominent audio trait. The exclusive downer, original seems, is unaffected runs Android 1.5. gaze as the Motorola CLIQ XT to keel fix clouded further blazing colors, identical to the two designs offered over the CLIQ. opening photos of the CLIQ XT showed the token character piping besides the leaked roadmap shows unfeigned access black.

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