Motorola Flipout review and spec

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Motorola has anounced the latest smartphone sports a twist/flip like action that’s required in getting the QWERTY keyboard into its usable position. Going by the name Motorola Flipout. The Flipout is a completely square Android device that twists open to reveal a surprisingly decent looking physical keyboard and purportedly running Android 2.1 on top of .

Motorola Flipout features Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR, 3.1-megapixel camera, 2.8” touchscreen, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 700 MHz processor, and a GPS functionality. This Motorola square-shape Android handset supports GSM and UMTS/HSDPA.

If you’re running on a T-Mobile Cliq XT, Verizon Droid Devour, or AT&T Backflip, that’s a pretty good reason to get excited; BLUR and Android 2.1 haven’t been seeing playing nice together up until this point, so this suggests that Motorola might be able to push 2.1 out to these other handsets before too much longer.

Motorola Flipout appears to have prepared three different colors for the Flipout, although specific launch details, such as a carrier and pricing, have yet to be released. The Motorola FlipOut will become available in US market begin in June 2010.

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