Nokia Lumia 720 Review

Today, we are bringing you review of new Nokia Lumia 720. In recent time Nokia has released quite big amount of new mobile devices, from those of middle class to those most expensive (like Lumia 920 and 928). When you take Nokia Lumia 720 in your hands, you suddenly realize how it is very different device than, for example iPhone or certain Android devices, which is not surprising, primarily because this device falls into category of middle, or even lower class mobile devices. That’s mostly because of his technical specifications.

Nokia Lumia 720 basic review

Nokia Lumia 720 features a polycarbonate unibody design, the same one that’s used on Nokia Lumia 920 and it really gives a great overall first impression, primarily because of big 4.3 inch screen which is fitting great. Main concern with mobile phones with big screen is their handling, but Nokia Lumia 720 isn’t that case. Even though it looks great, screen can be sometimes slippery so you have to be really careful with the device.

Nokia Lumia 720 comes with few vivid and bright colors which will attract younger demographics, which was probably the main goal of Nokia considering that Lumia 720 falls into rank of cheaper mobile phones.

Technical specifications

Nokia Lumia 720 runs on Windows Phone 8 system and it’s been powered by 1GHz dual core Snapdragon chipset which is pretty good quality. This mobile phone has 8GB of internal memory and ”just” 512 MB of RAM, and somehow disappoint fact is that 4.3 IPS LCD screen comes with pretty low resolution of 480 x 800, that means that by one inch of the screen there’s only 217 pixels which can’t give most clear picture for sure. The screen is top quality and it is really one of the biggest advantages of Lumia 720.

Nokia Lumia 720 camera is absolutely astonishing with 6.7 megapixels it is even great in less lighter conditions, and we all know that Nokia has always been giving a lot of attention to this kind of stuff. On the other hand, by daylight pictures are maybe little blurry or pale which could really bother some people, nothing spectacular so that detail shouldn’t be something to worry about. Nokia Lumia 720 isn’t capable of recording in 1080p resolution, but 720p is available and it should exceed almost everyone’s expectations. 1.3 megapixel camera on the front can also record 720p videos. It can serve very well in video chats.

Nokia Lumia 720

Windows Phone 8

Even though design and functionality of Windows Phone 8 are still pretty limited, it is also very appealing and likable. Even though there are almost all important applications like Facebook, Twitter, there is missing Instagram. Also, applications made for Windows Phone 8 are different than the ones you can find on iOs or Android, so you will not have fully clear Facebook, but Twitter has kept his simplicity. The impressive thing about WP8 is the keyboard that is more comfortable than the one we can found on Android, it is easier and more precise to use.

To summarize up, Nokia Lumia 720 is a great mobile device from which you shouldn’t expect too much. Price is really affordable (varies from $420-$470) and you get really good service for this price. While there are some advantages and disadvantages I would highly recommend this mobile phone to anyone interested in good middle class mobile devices. I assure you, Nokia Lumia 720 will not disappoint you!

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