Withings Smart Baby Monitor: Helps Mothers Monitor Their Babies

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Working mothers who just have baby do not have to worry to go working and leave their babies at home because now there is withings smart baby monitor. It is like a webcam that can be place in the nursery room and it can be connected to various gadgets. There is withings smart baby monitor for iPhone, iPad and android phones. If I were a mother I would want this product to be installed inside the nursery room so I can monitor my baby all the time.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Functions

The basic function of withings smart baby monitor is to help parents monitor their babies from far away. However, unlike other baby monitor, this product allows for two way communication and can connect to phones and tablets/pad. Parents can see and hear their babies. When the parents are away and missed their babies, they can interact with their babies through this product.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings smart baby monitor lived up to its name is a smart product. It is equipped with many features and has many functions. Other than the function mentioned in the above, this product can still monitor the baby even in the dark room. This product is also able give information regarding motion, sound, temperature, and humidity. You can learn how to use this product by reading the withings smart baby monitor manual.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor Specifications

This product is equipped with 3-megapixel video sensor along with high-resolution digital video, image stabilizer and wide-angle lens produce high quality picture. There are two discrete microphones on smart baby monitor so you can hear your baby sound clearly. At night you can the color of the nightlight because smart baby monitor has multi-color LED nightlight. It also has temperature sensor and the battery is rechargeable. Withings smart baby monitor is simply the best baby monitor ever.

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