GeForce GTX 670 Review

Taking a closer look at the many video cards that Nvidia has released this year, it’s simple to notice that they have actually focused heavily on the high end of the enthusiast market. In this regard, their flagship model, which is the GTX 690, a dual GPU monster, sits at the top of the pile, followed by the GTX 680 and next, the geforce gtx 670. The latter is not really a hefty option and even if it’s priced at just $300 dollars, many gamers say that it really has a decent price compared to other video cards currently on the market.

GeForce GTX 670

GeForce GTX 670 Great performance

First of all, people should know that even though the geforce gtx 670 might not be the top of the line video card out there, it still manages to pack some serious performance to satisfy the needs of the most avid gamers. The geforce gtx 670 is based on the Kepler architecture (28nm) just like the GTX 680 model, yet it has a slightly cut down specification. With this model, gamers will get 1,5 GHz of GDDR5 memory and 2 GB of memory, yet the only difference is that the GPU has 1344 CUDA cores, compared to the previous 1536.

Core speed

More to that, there have also been some changes to the core speed, which is now down to 915 MHz compared to 1001 MHz as it was before. The good news though is that when there will be a higher need for more power, the GPU will overclock dynamically. However, gamers need to keep in mind that the maximum rated boost for the geforce gtx 670 is 908 MHz and compared to the 1058 MHz of the GTX 680, that is 150 MHz lower.


Size wise, the geforce gtx 670 is 214 millimeters in length and even though it might look like it needs a great power supply, Nvidia says that a modest 500W power supply that features two 6-pin PCI Express connectors will do, so people don’t need to worry about requiring a massive power supply upgrade.


It seems that the reduced power didn’t go unnoticed in the benchmarks the geforce gtx 670 was subjected to. For instance, in Dirt 3 at a Full HD resolution and Ultra detail and 4X anti-aliasing enabled, the geforce gtx 670 managed to pull 98,5 fps, which is a bit lower than the 114 fps the GTX 680 managed to get. Running Crysis 2 at full HD resolution and Ultra detail had the geforce gtx 670 stressed a bit more and that is why it only managed to get 41,9 fps, compared to the 49,6 fps of the GTX 680.


Because the geforce gtx 670 is quite a powerful card, it had to be tested for multiple monitor view. The video card has DisplayPort, HDMI and also 2 DVI outputs, so this means that users will have plenty of options for their choice of monitors.

With that being said, it seems that the geforce gtx 670 is pretty much a powerful card and an affordable one, too. Those who want to get their hands on one for a great gaming experience now know that this video card will take their gaming experience to a whole new level!

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