An Interesting Gadget Review Of The Logitech K310 Keyboard

Everyone who is interested in the latest gadgets on the market will certainly want to read a review about them to see whether they aren’t actually as great as the images might suggest or as they might think. In the following paragraphs, this Gadget review will focus on the Logitech Washable Keyboard, which is certainly a keyboard that people who oftentimes spills their drinks on theirs, will absolutely fall in love with.

Gadget Review: Logitech K310 Keyboard


  1. Spill proof, waterproof and washable.
  2. Dust resistant
  3. Plug and play, quiet.
  4. Come with dust brush and integrated storage.


  • Mushy keys.

Bottom Line

This is the perfect keyboard for everyone who likes to have their drinks in front of their computers and the good news is that the K310 can easily take a good soaking. Thanks to its functional and stylish design, it’s really simple to clean.

Logitech K310 Keyboard Gadget Review:

The Logitech K310 keyboard is the only keyboard those who are afraid of spilling their drinks on their keyboard or those who are eating in front of their computers would ever need. The keyboard did really well in the tests and because it featured draining holes on the back, any excess water drained out easily, while the keyboard was also left air dry. Even when the keyboard was fully submerged underwater, it would still remain operable. That is why this keyboard is best suited for those who like to eat and have a drink in front of their computers, without having to worry about any damages occurring.

Design Features

Beyond the fact that this keyboard can be submerged into water and still remain functional, there are a few other design features it comes with. One of them is the small plastic dust brush which can be stored beneath the keyboard itself and it’s very useful for getting crumbs out of crannies and tight nooks, but also for brushing off dust.

Even though the USB cable itself is not water resistant, it does however come with a moisture resistant cover. This doesn’t mean that people can wash their keyboard by throwing it into the dishwasher, but it will certainly be able to put up with some splashing while being scrubbed.


The K310 can be considered a slim keyboard and that is because it measures 0, 8×17, 2×5, 5 inches in height, width and depth respectively. In terms of weight, it weighs just 17 point three ounces, so it’s pretty light for a keyboard. Many people are actually complaining about the fact that in time their letters will fade away, but thanks to the laser engraving of the raised white keys of the keyboard and the anti ultra violet radiation finish, the keyboard will still look like new even after years of usage.

Logitech K310 keyboard Gadget Review

Logitech K310 keyboard

Setup and Performance

The keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it comes with plug and play functionality. So users need to basically plug it in and they can immediately start using it. In terms of warranty, the K310 comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty.

With that being said, it seems that people who are scared of having to replace their regular keyboard every time they spill something on it, don’t have to worry about this at all from now on. With the Logitech K310, this Gadget review has proven they can finally use a peripheral that will go through any number of spills they might put it through and still remain functional!

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