Gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l Review And Specifications

The gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l is a killer combination of the latest Intel P35 chip set and supports the latest multi core processor of up to the FSB 133 MHZ and 45nm platform. It is made with a design and materials that ensure a longer operation lifetime and boost stability. It has cutting edge conductive solid capacitors made of aluminum polymer by world’s highest vendors. The capacitors have an excellent heat resistance with better electronic conductivity and enhanced system durability.

Gigabyte ga p35 ds3l

Intel High Performance Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3l

It is supported by this motherboard and it allows the CPU to deliver the most energy efficient performance which is available today. The Intel multi core processor has two shared L2 caches and four cores that offer the best capability per watt solutions. The Intel’s Micro Architecture makes it ideal for multi-tasking environments and multi-media enthusiasts. It provides significant performance boosts and a more energy efficient platform.

Intel P35 Express Chip sets

They give the platform a record breaking performance in terms of energy efficiency because they are optimized with system memory capabilities. They have an over-speed protection removed to ensure maximum Overclocking and provide the platform with a faster boot, application load times with other power savings. As a result, users enjoy scalable options with higher energy performance with lower power consumption.

Tests and Certification

The motherboard is qualified for windows. It has undergone tests in Windows Hardware Quality Labs, WHQL and thus certified by Microsoft Windows 7. It sets standards for future Windows-7 certified motherboards.

Windows Vista Premium Logo certificate

The Windows Vista Premium promises to deliver and makes sure users have a streamlined computing experience. It is designed to fundamentally change the view of how users find and organize their digital information. This allows it to offer a unique and fresh desktop experience that is more intuitive, informative and completely new. For instance, if offers Windows Vista Aero that has a spectacular visual interface elements which are easy to see through. It has a live taskbar thumbnail that makes thumbnail views of items in your task bar and resets your mouse-pointer on them.

Other features:

1. Channel DDR2 1099MHz. It features high data bandwidth and faster speeds that deliver superior performance even with the most demanding applications.

2. SATA 3Gb/s- They are storage interface with double bus bandwidth from 1.5 to 3Gb/s that facilitates bandwidth aggregation for multiple devices. It allows higher cache through performance in single drive configurations.

3. Intel High definition Audio- It enables 8-channel PC premium digital sound and delivers multiple audio channels to listen 2 different streams simultaneously.

4. Gigabit LAN connectivity- This connectivity is about high speed LAN connection. It has a data transfer rate of up to 1000Mb/s which is suitable for seamless internet connection.

5. RoHS compliant- Gigabyte acts within the standards set by the RoHS. The manufacturer has examined it carefully and designed it in a way that is 100 percent RoHS compliant.

6. Speed and safety- The speed is quite high with intelligent over-voltage and over-cooking software settings. It also has several elements such as excellent hardware design with BIOS protection to enhance safety.

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