Gigabyte WIFI Motherboard Overview

The GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard is amongst the first ones designed for the Ivy bridge platform. There was a time when building a PC system would take a very long time and it required careful planning before people would get on with buying the parts they required. This was especially the case with HTPCs, where they had to consider low powered CPUs and in some cases, certain components had to be undervolted so that they would keep with the TDP requirements.

Gigabyte WIFI Motherboard

Gigabyte WIFI Motherboard Specification

On top of that, because onboard video was just not good enough, low noise discrete video cards were the ones to replace them. However, after Intel has released its latest series of CPUs, the Ivy Bridge, users will find it easy to have flexible HTPC setups which can handle multimedia tasks without the need for a separate GPU and without also having to worry in what regards power consumption.

In this regard, it seems that the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard is a great option for those who want to really take advantage of the very last drop of performance from their system. Taking a closer look at its size, the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard measures 170 by 170 millimeters and conforms to the mini-ITX form factor. The card also features dual stream Wi-Fi features which are possible thanks to the Centrino Wireless N2230 card. The latter is capable not only of Bluetooth 4.0, but also Intel Wireless Display functionality.

For those who use HTPC the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard provides them with a DVI-I, but also dual HDMI video outputs with HDCP and eight channel compatibility. Compared to other mini-ITX mainboards out there, the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard focuses on powerful network connectivity and that is why it features the dual Realtek 8111F Gigabit LAN ports. However, some people may want to use the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard as their foundation for building a very powerful gaming platform and in this regard, they will be happy to know that the PCI-E 3.9 x16 slot will help them out a lot with it.

Taking a look at it from a larger perspective, it’s easy to notice that the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard is a great mainboard, but it has its mixture of bad and good design choices. Because the H77 is present, the need for great power management isn’t there, and that is why none is given; the board basically uses Ultra Durable4, but this means that users are getting a three plus one system without a heatsink. However, if there anything that can be considered as a critical point with the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard, that is the placement of the CPU in relation to the PCIe slot and memory slot.

The socket area of the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard is basically placed against the PCIe and memory slot, so people are forced to use coolers that aren’t too large. Even if individuals will go for larger coolers, they will need to make sure they orientate them correctly.

With that being said, it’s safe to say that the GIGABYTE WIFI Motherboard is a great choice for those who seek great performance, regardless if it’s for gaming or anything similar to that.

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