Gigabyte x58a-ud3r – A Cheap Motherboard With An Excelling Performance

Equipping your computer or laptop with a good motherboard is essential if you want it to work seamlessly and have a smooth performance, and this is why you should consider buying from a reliable manufacturer that can offer you all features and benefits you need to enjoy your overall experience. The x58a-ud3r from Gigabyte is currently one of the cheapest motherboards out there, which, despite its price, does not compromise functionality in any way. Considering its fast Intel processor and DDR3 memory, the Gigabyte x58a-ud3r is definitely a good option for those who want to replace the motherboard to upgrade their computer.

 Gigabyte x58a ud3r

Gigabyte x58a-ud3r With Advanced Processor and Memory Support

The x58a-ud3r comes fully equipped with LGA 1366 processor socket, which houses some of Intel’s most powerful and advanced chips, including the recently-released 32nm Core i7-980X, the fastest six-core CPU in the world. The motherboard includes support for both SATA/600 and USB 3, which will take center-stage in the coming months due to the limited use now. Aside from the CPU socket, there is also a bank of six DIMM slots that offer proper support for up to 24GB of DDR3 memory, running at 2,200MHz. So far, this Gigabyte motherboard has the most impressive memory support you will possibly find on the market, but you should be extremely careful when installing the six DIMMs in your system. Due to the close proximity of the slots to the processor socket, you might be encountering issues when attempting to upgrade the motherboard to a larger CPU cooler.

Sleek Design

The x58a-ud3r from Gigabyte incorporates a pair of PCI Express x1, four PCI Express x16 slots and even one single PCI slot. As impressive as it might seem, this line-up is rather slow in terms of performance, because the PCI Express x16 slots run at only x8 speed, which means that multi-graphics setups will be limited to only three cards instead of four. Not to mention that, due to the fact that the PCI Express x1 slots and North Bridge cooler are so close, fitting larger cards will be an impossible task.

Crowded with Ports

There are several other ports, integrated into its construction, including one FireWire connector, two USB 2 headers, as well as plenty of room to fit six fans (two four-pin, four three-pin). Beside a clear MOS button, the x58a-ud3r motherboard lacks indicators and on-board buttons, which make it a relatively cramped slab of blue PCB. While the PCI Express x16 slots do not provide support for dual-graphics systems (unless you use the first and third slots), the processor socket is surrounded by large Heatsinks by three sides.

Moreover, this piece of hardware has a backplate that is unusually crowded, even though this is not a problem. There are a Gigabit Ethernet socket, two USB 3 ports, six USB 2 ports (two of them double up as eSATA sockets), coaxial and optical S/PDIF ports, a pair of PS/2 sockets, six audio jacks and standard and mini-FireWire ports.

Final Thoughts

Considering the above, we can easily conclude that the x58a-ud3r from Gigabyte motherboard delivers an excelling performance even to the most demanding builders, providing regular computer or laptop owners to successfully upgrade their devices to improve their overall performance. Priced at about $209, this motherboard can definitely be the best option whenever you are looking for a new one.

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