Top 4 Gadgets For Desktop

The first Gadgets for desktop were brought by Windows Vista and the reason to why Microsoft included them was to make the computing experience much easier than ever before. The good news is that they were received pretty well and users have started to praise them a lot. When Windows 7 was released, it featured many more gadgets and they were also very much improved compared to those used in the previous Windows versions.

Gadgets for Desktop

Nowadays, people can use plenty of gadgets for their desktop computer and they can also download them from the internet, depending on their needs. By Default Windows 7 features several useful gadgets like Calendar, Weather, Feed headlines and Currency. The fact is there are many more Gadgets for desktop people can consider and in the following paragraphs this article will talk about some of them.

1. CPU Meter

A CPU meter will basically deal with monitoring the temperature of the CPU, but it may also offer extra information as voltage and memory usage. This is a very powerful gadget people can use in order to get all the info they need about their CPU and memory in a small space. Users may also change the tool’s background color if they don’t like the initial one.

Gadgets for Desktop

2. Facebook Explorer

For those who cannot do without social networking, Facebook Explorer is certainly a great choice for them to consider. The tool can be easily configured in order to run in a larger or smaller width and one of 3 heights. Users may also input the frequency they may be bothered for updates. This useful gadget features the user’s own status in a compact view, while also displaying info regarding friends’ activities. More to that, the user’s status can easily be updated in the flyout.

3. Ultimate Explorer

This is a very useful tool for those who want to search for popular websites from their desktop. It’s a very useful gadget that allows people to search contents in Digg, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, YouTube and Google. More to that, this gadget also features an events feature and flyout calendar. From now on, browsing the internet looking for great deals or fun websites will never the same again.

4. Launch Control

For those who love shortcuts, this is the gadget they should take a closer look at. It works in a similar fashion as with the quick launch area on the taskbar and it’s easy to pin anything with it. With the default settings, there are 3 tabs to switch between, but users can create more. There are Control, Utilities and Apps tabs where all the required shortcuts can be pinned.

With that being said, it seems that people who love using their computers on a daily basis and want to benefit from a superior experience, should definitely take a closer look at how they can improve it using these gadgets. The previous list sums up the most interesting Gadgets for desktop people can consider for making their daily computer interactions better, more productive and hassle free!

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