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Chinese designer, Daizi Zheng, has created a concept Nokia mobile phone that is powered by sugary soft drinks. Daizi Zheng claims that the phone battery, used as a power source is too expensive and harmful for nature, specially in the disposal process. She has an alternative for normal batteries, that is the bio battery, an eco-friendly source of energy that uses carbohydrates (sugar in this case) and enzymes as the catalyst for the process needed to produce energy. However, she said the technology was improving all the time and cola phones could be hitting the shelves within five years.

She graduate, from Central St Martins college in London, designed the eco friendly phone as part of her final project. ‘I found that a phone battery as a power source is expensive. It consumes valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and is harmful to the environment,’she wrote on her website.

By using bio battery that users replace the traditional batteries that had been polluting the environment. Bio battery that is environmentally friendly because generating electricity from carbohydrates (mainly sugar) and use it as a catalyst carbohydrates. During the energy supply to the phone, it will decompose into oxigen and water.

The result was disappointing, Zheng phone can operate three to four times longer than batteries Lithium-Ion cell phone used. But, this phone still has not sold widely, because there is a conceptual phone that he designed for the Nokia. When will this phone will actually happen, this phone is not only environmentally friendly, but very precise use of open space. If the owner of the phone is hot and thirsty, just a little sip of Coca Cola’s remaining of this phone.


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