CRKT Pocket Tool: Pocket Fixer in Your Life

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I would love to have CRKT pocket tool. It is a very cool compact multi-tool that has many tools in it. Although it relatively small but it has 6 tools which serve for different functions. This is a perfect tool to accompany you when you go for camping or travelling. With its various functions it feels like have a tool box in your pocket. For those who only need a folding knife you can take a look at CRKT folding knife. Or, if you are interested with other tools you can search for CRKT Guppie multi tool.

CRKT Pocket Tool Solves Many Problems

If you like to go for camping, having a CRKT pocket tool is highly recommended. With this one tool you can have several tools with you. Starts from blades, box wrench, wire stripper, bottle opener up to spring opening are included in this pocket tool. On top of that, the size of this pocket tool is small which make it easy to be carried on your pocket and not heavy at all.

Even if you do not like camping you should have this in your house to fix small damage around the house. Or you can just keep this tool in your bag and use it the time of need. The shape of CRKT pocket tool is very stylish and minimalist. This pocket tools appearance make it even more attractive.

CRKT Pocket Tool

CRKT Pocket Tool Specifications

There are six tools in the pocket tool set. It has two blades, utility and saw tooth, which can help you to cut things. Then it also has multi-fit box wrench. Wire stripper, spring opening, and bottle opener are also included. It has clip on it so you can attach it to your jeans. This pocket tools is made from stainless steel and glass-filled nylon handle. CRKT pocket tool is a tool that can solve many of your problems that involves repairing.

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