DIY Guitar Pick Punch: Make Your Own Guitar Pick

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If you like playing guitar then you would love DIY guitar pick punch product. For those who do not know, DIY stands for Do-it-yourself. So, this mean that product allows you to create your own guitar pick. It’s pretty awesome right? I think it is very awesome. It is often you do not find the guitar pick pattern that suits you. But with this product you do not have to worry about that.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch Let You Personalize Your Pick

DIY guitar pick punch is worth buy. With this product you can realize your dream guitar pick. Moreover, it is so cool to have guitar pick that no one else have. Like most of talented musician, they are quite eccentric and have unique taste. If you are this kind of musician you might want unusual guitar pick to pluck your strings with.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

You can simply use any materials to make your guitar pick. You can use unused cards or expired credit card or grocery store card as the material which is being environmentally friendly as well. Just use the material that you choose then insert it into DIY guitar pick punch and squeeze it. Then, your guitar pick is ready to use. Very easy, is not it? It’s almost like using whole puncher.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch Price and Features

ThinkGeek is the one who make DIY guitar pick punch. The shape of this product is similar with stapler. ThinkGeek’s diy guitar pick punch punches standard 351 shape guitar picks or approximately 25.5mm. The punch dimension itself is approximately 6” X 1.25” X 4.25”. You can get this product for around $25. This is a very good deal because with only $25 you can make as much guitar pick as you want. DIY guitar pick punch is also perfect for gifts.

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