Green Gadgets: Sunslates

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Check out these solar roofing slates that allow you to create your own energy at home. Watch more at


  1. musclesmatthews says:

    This is how we can all have free power!

  2. I used to be a UCP operator producing solarpanels for BP Solar. Solar panels have a HIGH upfront cost. But! They are a good long term investment. Along with other choices, They are only part of the solution. As to turning into power you can use in your home, the DC power from the panels feeds into an inverter. That changes DC to AC. Think of the little inverters you can buy to run tv or something off you cars cig. lighter. Same sort of deal only bigger.

  3. And how much do they cost? “oh its…uh…er..a percentage, and the savings will out do the cost…and…uh….yeah, its really really cool and it saves you lots and lots of money”

    The most typical answer.

    More or less about 600 bucks a panel? oh yeah, they will be paying for themselves, after about 20 fucking years…

  4. “So, Bob, how does exactly do that conversion?” “Uh, er, it turns it into power that goes into your home.” That’s the best explanation he can give? He completely did not even come close to answering that question.

  5. SanjAndSlatan says:

    i’d hit it.

  6. you’re late

  7. KillerEmoCupcake says:

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