Green Gadgets Unveiled at Environmental Expo

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A drinking fountain that pulls water from the air and a chicken coop designed for urban homes are just two of the offerings at the 2009 Green Festival in San Francisco, called the “World’s Largest Environmental Expo.” (Nov. 16)


  1. luckstergal says:

    I love the water machine. This is the solution to drought problems!! I think I want one actually! Probably costs a fortune though.

  2. Pvtjamesryan2 says:

    Green is the color of alien blood….

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    The sad thing about the water harvester is that it would be useful in Africa, but you probably need a mansion with electricity to operate it.

  4. franknyt says:

    “…fertilize your grass…”

  5. ahhyo2006 says:

    The sad this about all of those inventions is that this Save the Green crap is just a phase and it will die down until something new fresh comes out. In other words, nobody is going to buy this stuff, let alone use it in the real world.

  6. bonzaibb12 says:

    Its just a dehumidifier with a good filter. You can get a Big Berkey filter and dehumidifier for 30% of the cost

  7. MrBjoggi says:

    why would you want a porteble chicken coup?

  8. screwopenborders says:

    yeah we’ll need that in the states soon the way they keep jacking up the prices on water and power. Next is free electricity.

  9. coopman168 says:

    the water one is the best

  10. Hostilenemy says:

    The water generating device that is.

  11. Hostilenemy says:

    Extremely useful device.

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