Micro Spy Remote: Universal Remote Controller

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If you are looking for a universal remote controller for TV then micro spy remote is the answer. You might have several TV sets in your house and each of those TV sets has its own remote controller. I often take the wrong remote controller and annoyed by it. Why cannot all TV use the same remote? Fortunately this does not have to happen anymore. ThinkGeek find a solution for all people with this kind of problem. They designed a universal remote controller that can work for any TV.

What Makes Micro Spy Remote so Cool?

One controller is for all TVs. This is the function that micro spy remote offered to us. With this mini black remote controller you can control any TV in front of you, the hotel, office, your friend’s house, wherever it is. It is especially useful when you have several TV in your house. You can control all you TV with this small remote. Bring this remote when you are travelling can be helpful too. For example you are in a restaurant and you are disturbed by the volume of the TV inside the restaurant. You can just use that remote and turn the volume down.

Micro Spy Remote

The micro spy remote can works on a wide variety of TV brands such as, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo, LG, Phillips etc. So no matter what brand it is, you can use this remote. You can also prank your friend with this remote. You pretend to visit your friend’s house and without your friend knowledge bring this remote. When the two of you watch the TV, secretly change the channel to scare your friend.

Micro Spy Remote Product Feature

This remote is very tiny with dimension of 5.8 X 3.6 X 0.6 cm. It has keychain attachment so you can simply attach it to your keys or bag. It uses CR2025 battery and is included on the product. There are 6 buttons on for volume, channel, mute, and off/on. The micro spy remote manual is also included. Micro spy manual is very simple and easy to use.

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