Pocket Socket Portable Back To Stone Age

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It is so unique so that I could not stop chuckling from seeing this pocket socket portable. It does a brand new tool for you who often do a far away trip to nowhere land. Maybe there would be a time when you go to a land where you could not find any electric socket to charge up your phone. Since nowadays people could not stay away from their gadgets, there would be nothing worse for sure than drop out battery in important timing for million dollars business. I think this is the main reason behind the invention of pocket socket portable hand generator.

How to Use Pocket Socket Portable

This is the best thing about the pocket socket portable I ever found. You could just prepare your own energy. Since this thing is not charged up with electricity but from kinetic energy as of the rolling movement of your hand. Of course we could say that it has unlimited power just like what is written in any pocket socket portable hand generator review in the internet. If the energy started to drop out, roll it over and over again. It is just a way too easy, is not it?

Pocket Socket Portable

Special Specification of Pocket Socket Portable

Besides charging up your gadget, this pocket socket portable could also become a good habit as exercise tool. If supposed you do not have any extra time to jog around the blocks you could just sit and do a little work out with this. However it does generate 10 watts of power at 120V DC through two-prong standard US outlet, a solitary one.

Although the size is quite big, around 6.75 inches long and 2.25 inches wide, this socket is light enough. The weight is about 14.1 ounces. Even though it sounds heavy, but if you see the size maybe you could change your mind somehow. However, having a pocket socket portable is only about preparing the worst condition without electricity.

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