RCA AIRNERGY Charges Gadgets With WiFi

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Gadget rechargeable battery can use electricity from the power source itself, the wind, the sun until the kinetic. Never imagined when the gadget uses rechargeable battery power source of the Wi-Fi signal? This little box can take electrical energy in the air around you. Of course, the air must contain a WiFi signal so that electrical energy can be taken. Battery power is exhibited in Wifi CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2010.

RCA  Airnergy is a gadget rechargeable battery that uses Wi-Fi signal to charge the rechargeable battery in it which we can use recharge the battery in the phone and other gadgets.
Airnergy RCA has a kind of WiFi circuitry harvest energy from the air and convert it into electricity. This has been done before, but could Airnergy harvesting electricity with high efficiency enough to make practical use: on the floor of CES, they were able to fill the BlackBerry from 30% to full in about 90 minutes, using nothing but ambient WiFi signal as a source of electricity.

The Airnergy have a battery in it, so you can carry around and as long as you’re near a WiFi, he set himself. Unlike solar charger, he worked at night and you can save it in your pocket. Of course, close to the source and amount of resources WiFi WiFi is important, but at the level he set, if you have a wireless network in your home might have to leave your home anywhere in overnight and will be very close to the full in the morning.

The Airnergy will be available this summer for $40, and a battery with the WiFi harvesting technology will be available soon after. Given the use of Wi-Fi technology has become increasingly common, we believe the technology from RCA can be Airnergy-selling products, especially seen from the price is still reasonable.

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  1. So when will it be available to the public?

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