Will.I.Am Review: A Smart Watch to Make Calls

Will.i.am, the owner of a number of top class streamed music albums from eternal world is alongside entering the world of smart watches like Motorola and Samsung. During an interview at the Chatty Man show on Friday night with Alan Carr the singer and entrepreneur revealed that his device worn on his wrist can run Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and has Bluetooth without disclosing its full specifications.

Will.i.am Smartwatch

Will.I.Am Smart Watch

He disclosed to Alan Carr during the show that he need not carry any phone with him as he used his watch as a phone. According to him all other smart watches from Samsung and other phone companies need to communicate with others but his do not. He further told Allan that he had developed his company by funding it himself with his own money. He developed this smart watch that had all of his music and can be used as a phone. He could use it to run Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with the help of Bluetooth headphones, without using any wire.

He used his watch next night during the final of talent show The Voice to call Cheryl Cole though the call ended shortly after getting connected and the quality of voice was also poor. On the other hand all the smart watches released by Motorola and Samsung were featured with flat screen as compared to the smartwatch of the singer entrepreneur which had curved screen. Though he did not reveal the operating system his device was running on but it can be easily established that it might be running on Android on the basis of the featured apps including Twitter and Instagram it was supporting to run. It may also be run on the recently used system in the Gear watch of Samsung, Tizen.

The secret of operating system used in singer’s smartwatch cannot be revealed as iOS are the proprietary software of Apple which is used only in its own devices whereas Windows Phone can run only fewer apps. In such situation either he might be using some modified version of these apps have or developed a modified operating system. Moreover the presence of a camera in his device can also be expected due to its compatibility with Instagram.

The release of a camera accessory has been recently announced by him that can help in enhancing the clarity of voice and i. am+ iPhone photographs considerably. It is presumed that either his watch can work with this accessory or run with an 8MP camera as this accessory is capable to raise the photo quality from 8MP to 14MP.

This watch is supposed to have enormous storage capacity at least up to 4GB as instead of having links with some phone it stores a large quantity of music. It must have the capability of Wi-Fi connectivity along with the NFC addition as it has been enabled for Bluetooth connectivity. It should also have a SIM card with 3G or 4G support as you can make calls through it. The price of this watch is expected to be the same, between £109 and £299, at with Samsung and other producers of smart watches are selling.

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