MD500 Android Tablet From Hott

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Hott is launching MD500, a design for a 4.8″ tablet based on a version of Android which they have customized to work for them on the ARM9 Rockchip based processor which comes with full video playback support. Check out these interesting Android customizations in this product that they proudly define as “iPad-killer”.

The design of this 4.8″ Android tablet by Hott is the most compact that I have seen so far. I think it is very nice that it only has a minimal screen bezel. Check out it’s size compared to my Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android in the following pictures posted to Picasa.

This tablet sports a 4.8″ touchscreen display that was specially customized to function with the ARM9 Rockchip processor, featuring full video playback support, a minimal screen bezel and interesting Android customizations. This tablet comes with an ARM9 rockchip based processor, full video playback support, touch screen support, 800×480 screen, will be based on the Android OS.

Hott has announced they will be selling this tablet to distributors for just $92 without any flash memory. Distributors will have the option to customize it by adding flash memory and possibly customizing other aspects of the tablet. The Chinese manufacturer Hott is expecting the MD500 to be huge hit and are already calling it an iPad killer.

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