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Nintendo 3DS XL Gaming ConsuleThe next generations of Nintendo 3DS, called as Nintendo 3DS XL has released in the UK and Europe market at Amazon and GAME for cost around at £167.95 and expected will be release in US market at Aug. 19 for price of $199.99 in Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black variations. Comes with better performance, reduced-glare LCD display and bigger screen up to 90 percent (lower screen expanded to 4.18 inch and top screen expanding to 4.88 i inch) than its predecessor, the 3DS XL portable gaming console offer better game experience than the 3DS.

Other big improvements in the system is a more powerful battery that promises gives up to six-and-a-half hours oprerate time on single charge (up from a maximum of five hours on the 3DS) and in the weight-size ratio. This model measures 156 x 93 x 22mm (when closed) and has weighs around at 339grams, which makes it nearly 100g heavier than predecessor, but we think it still comfortably fit in the palms of your hands.

Nintendo 3DS XL portable gaming consule comes with dual 0.3 megapixel cameras (inside / outside with 640 × 480 both lenses), 4GB SD Card, built-in microphone, Headphone connection terminal (stereo output) and two stereo speakers on the screen left and right. It sports 4.18 inches bottom screen and 4.88 inches (top screen) LCD Touch Screen diplay that capable of displaying 16.7 million colours and support a native resolutions at 320 x 240 pixel. It also comes with a single analogue control stick for controlling Resident Evil or Revelations games with a new version of the Circle Pad Pro add-on, but it lack of a second Circle Pad.

Other features are A / B / X / Y button, cross, L / R buttons, Start / Select button, gyro sensors, motion sensors, glasses-free 3D effect, special stylus, SD memory card slot, Game card slot, full capabilities of the original Nintendo 3DS system and capable to play Nintendo DS titles on the 3DS system in 2D. Finally, Nintendo 3DS XL gaming console with free 3D glasess features is offers great portable game experience and you can also donwload other applications, video and games in Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Video.

Nintendo 3DS XL Specs and Features

Display : 4.88 inches (top screen), 4.18 inches fr bottom screen, 3D enabled, LCD display
Cameras : Two cameras inside / outside, Resolution (0.3 mega pixels) 640 × 480 both lenses)
Controls : D-Pad, Shoulder buttons, Stylus
Analog stick(s) : yes
Connectivity : Wi-Fi
Audio : Stereo Speaker(s)
Supported memory cards : SD, SDHC
Game media type : Cartridge
Pre-installed software : Mii Maker, Augmented Reality,  Face Raiders and Nintendo 3DS Camera to take video and 3D snaps
Dimensions 134mm × 74mm × vertical thickness horizontal 21mm
Weight : 235g (Including the battery pack stylus SD memory card)

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