The mobile phone ‘contracts’ of the future? The benefits of sim only contracts

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When the communications industry talks of new gadgets and technology it’s usually in reference to the latest handset, operating system or mobile Internet devices such as tablets. Mobile phone tariffs, contracts and corresponding sim cards are usually overlooked.   

Although new mobile phone tariffs, packages, contracts and their sim cards come out on a regular basis, the actual technology behind it all changes very little. The only changes are to costs and what’s included, most recently in terms of download amounts and times. However, mobile tariffs are usually used as a make or break factor between one contract or mobile phone plan over another and they are definitely used to compare competition between operators such as O2, T Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

But one of the biggest changes in recent years is actually with contracts themselves; people don’t need lengthy contracts to benefit from low cost calls, texts and mobile Internet rates. giffgaff offers free sim cards  without contract so people can choose a phone without having to pick a service provider. They can pick a phone purely based on its technology. Additionally, users don’t have to be locked in to contracts spanning 12-24 months, as customers can choose their preferred giffgaff goodybag on a month by month basis, whilst also not paying over the odds via their contrct for their handset.


So what other benefits are derived from sim only monthly contracts?

Prices are lower on monthly packages than they are on pay as you go. Calls and texts are cheaper, but one of the major bonuses is that Internet packages are far superior. Download limits and speeds are much larger. You get all this on a sim-only contract but don’t have to commit to anything long term. UK broadband speed is set to get faster between now and 2030 and you want to keep up with the times; read more on the BBC website.

Rather than getting a new phone every 12 months or so, with sim only contracts mobile phone users can continue to use the same phone until they actually want or need to change. This is much better for the environment. In the UK there are millions of unused phones knocking around people’s houses. By using sim only deals users can avoid upgrading phones unnecessarily and do their bit for the environment.

One other benefit directly associated with a member-run product and service such as giffgaff is that your views are listened to and acted upon so you really do get the best mobile tariff for you. Four months in to a 24-month contract and you may be perfectly satisfied, but after 15 months perhaps your contract just isn’t quite right, but you’re stuck with it for another nine months. That doesn’t happen with giffgaff. You can get all the latest news and offers on its blog and you can put forward your views and suggestions via its Facebook page.

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