Verizon iPhone release date

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Speculation over a Verizon iPhone release date has been around for years. The Verizon network was the marketing channel for RIM’s Black Berry and other Android smart phones from Motorola Inc. and HTC Corp. Analysts confirmed that the iPhone Verizon will be set for the Verizon iPhone release date the next year.

There several reasons, including rumors that CDMA iPhone will be built in December (it should be noted that CDMA networks exist globally, and not just for Verizon), AT&T’s generosity in giving early iPhone 4 upgrades to some users. Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference in New York, Seidenberg made no mention of an verizon iPhone model being made to work on Verizon’s current EVDO/CDMA network.

Its going to be great news for those who like Verizon cause iPhone Verizon is finally to be available in the Verizon in early next year, maybe that will happen before January 2011. The report did not include any confirmation that the exclusive iPhone deal with AT & T was in fact until 2012.

ILounge says his source believes Apple will push the iPhone 5 before verizon iphone because of the iPhone 4 antenna problems. Apple’s iPhone 4 signal problems have been the source of a barrage of complaints by customers complaining of a faulty antenna. Several users reported that they are having poor reception issues with their new device when holding the phone by its metal sides in two opposite places.

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