AMD A10 Processors Specs And Review

AMD A10 processors are one of the most interesting CPUs technically. AMD’s fusion chips are designed as low budget chips. AMD’s A series processors have quad-core and dual-core CPU’s and AMD Radeon Graphics all combined on a single efficient power chip to enable excellent performance and low consumption of power. AMD-A series processors offers you the best of all worlds; excellent performance of CPU, multicore technology and brilliance of graphics technology all this on a single chip and also comes in amazing great prices.



Below are AMD A10 processors specs and reviews.

  1. AMD app acceleration: – enables boost speed of everyday applications of the PC.
  2. Support for DirectX® 11:- it allows high fidelity gaming and computing and the very latest in high speeds.
  3. AMD Steady Video Technology 2.0:- it stabilizes jittery and shaky home and online video during playback. This offers a better smoother experience during viewing.
  4. AMD Quick Stream Technology: – it enables virtually fast, uninterrupted streaming of video over the internet.
  5. AMD Radeon Dual Graphics capability: – it combines two AMD Radeon processor graphics to help boost gaming and graphics performance.
  6. AMD Performance advantage: – this enables your PC deliver more powerful and faster PC experience than a notebook through more compute power and higher frequencies.
  7. HD Media Accelerator: – it includes AMD’s architecture that gives rich, stable and more clear videos. It also accelerates video files conversion and uninterrupted video streaming.
  8. AMD Start Now Technology: – it supports optimized solution in BIOS for a quick resume. This spec also allows its users to remove the PC from a sleep mode in less than 2 seconds and from boot time in less than 14 seconds.
  9. AMD Turbo Core Technology capability: – it allows multi-display technology for an immense experience in gaming and entertainment with up to 4 visual display units.
  10. AMD Blu-Ray/3D capability: – this gives you the ability to watch Blu- Ray 3D and Blu- Ray movies on your PC.
  11. AMD HD 3D Technology: – this provides an amazing 3D experience for photos, movies and gaming content.
  12. Accelerated performance in Quod-Core
  13. 384 AMD Radeon Cores and 2.0 for excellent fast computing.
  14. Overclock able Black Edition which allows you to unlock your potential.

Below are customer reviews from users of AMD A10 series of processors

“AMD A10 5800K is a great choice for builders of systems who are working on a tight budget but still need excellent performance for creativity and productivity of applications; as well as be able to enjoy playing games at quality frame rates and settings. Another bonus of this series of AMD A10 processors is the ability to connect up to 3 visual display units out of the box. This is one thing that Intel solutions can’t offer presently as you will have to use a separate video card. The overall features of this processor and its gaming capabilities and performance is brilliant”

Multiple users recommend AMD A10 5700 APU 3.4 GHZ Processor if you want to build HTPC capable of gaming in a case which is small. I chose to go for this APU instead of 5800K because it has 65W TDP. Heat is a major concern in a few cases.

From the above AMD A10 Processors specs and reviews selecting the right processor for your PC has been made easier.

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