Jolibook Netbook Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

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Jolicloud has announced that they will release their own netbook called Jolibook Netbook. Jolicloud is Google Chrome “web operating system” developer and the Jolibook will be release before the end of November. There’s no information about pricing, but Jolicloud Compny say the JoliBook has an “affordable price.

Jolicloud Netbook is powered by a dual-core Intel Atom N550 CPU, a 250GB hard drive, VGA port, a few USB ports, support for 720p video playback and running the cloud-based Jolicloud 1.1 operating system.

Jolibook is designed to blur the lines between desktop and web apps. The machine also has features Chromium browser, Spotify, VLC, Facebook, and Skype. Chromium web browser is the open source version of Google Chrome, which should hopefully auto-update to the newest version every so often to make it easy for the average user. There is also shortcuts for web and native apps show up on Jolicloud’s custom program launcher, and you can click any icon to launch an app.

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