Top 5 Intel Core I5 3rd Generation Processors

Processor performance is very important for a desktop computer, laptop, netbook and other devices which use the power of a processor. Among the leading brands when it comes to processors is Intel and it continues to provide computer users with the best processors in the market that provides excellent speed and performance. Included in their new innovation in processors is the Intel Core i5 which is among the 3rd generation of processors. This processor is made to answer the need of computer users to do more complex and resource demanding tasks. Below are the top 5 Intel Core i5 3rd Generation Processors.

#1) Intel Core i5-3570K Processor

This is definitely what most people need today especially when it comes to all around gaming computers. It’s a processor that uses four cores with a 3.4 – 3.8 GHz speed and a 6MB cache. Among the most notable feature of this processor is the use of Intel’s 3D Tri-gate transistors. This is just right for gaming enthusiasts who need excellent processor performance for the best gaming experience.

#2) Intel i5-3330S Processor

This processor is quad-core processor with a maximum speed of 2.70 GHz, but when over-clocked it could reach up to 3.20 GHz. It offers a high GPU unit clock speed of650 MHZ. When it comes to its graphics features it supports 3D, dual display and Clear Video HD. It is also applied with enhanced speed step technology.

Intel Core i5 Processors

#3) Intel Core i5-3550 Processor

This processor has a turbo mode but it doesn’t support hyper-threading. Though this is not quite a fast processor, it is still faster than the AMD FX-8150. It uses the Intel HD Graphics 2500 which is good enough for playing recent games. But it would not be a good idea to play recent games in full resolution with this processor. It is fused with 8 GB of corsair ram for added performance.

#4) Intel Core i5-3439Y Processor

It supports F16C instructions, which were just presented in the market recently. Though it is not used yet by most applications but it would be useful for future applications in your computer. It is powered by HD 4000 graphics making it great for gaming and some application that uses 3D. Also, it is energy efficient. Though this is not fitted for recent games, it functions perfectly with most applications you use on your computer.

#5) Intel i5-3317U Processor

It’s a dual core processor for laptops with a clock speed that could reach a maximum of 1.70 GHz. But, this could be over-clocked where the speed could reach up to 2.60 GHz. It has a GPU clock speed of 350 MHz it is capable of handling a total of 32 GB RAM. Also, it has two memory channels with a maximum memory bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s and this memory bandwidth is faster compared to other laptop processors.

Intel Core i5 processors are definitely among the best when it comes to performance, stability and speed. So if you are looking for a new processor to use on your computer, whatever task you do on your computer, it’s best to trust i5 processors of Intel. Simply put, you will never go wrong with this type of processor.

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