Aakash 4 Tablet: Satisfactory Hardware Specifications

The Indian government recently announced minimum hardware requirement of Aakash 4 tablet that is a new upgrade for its predecessor. However, it is not sure if Datawind will do the manufacturing of Aakash 4 tablet or some other company will do it for the government, but one thing is sure that new version will have so many new features in it that was not possible with previous version.

Aakash 4 Tablet to be Launch

Since previous version of this tablet came with unsatisfactory hardware configuration and performance was highly unacceptable in those tablets, but that may change with this new version. The hardware specification of Aakash 4 tablet is fairly acceptable and it will have a strong processor, at least 720p Video playback, multi touch capacitive screen, minimum 1GB ram and 4GB internal storage with expandable capability.

If we talk about its runtime it will have a good battery that will give minimum three hour battery backup and its operating system would be minimum android 4.2 or above. For connectivity it will have wifi, Bluetooth, 3G and possible 4G as well. Other than this it will have a minimum 0.3 front camera and a good quality rear camera as well. It will also have an external USB port for connectivity of keyboard, mouse or USB dongle.

With this configuration requirement we can hope finally Indian students will get a good enough device in very affordable price tag, but with this announcement one more question come up that is about the 100,000 Aakash 2 tablets that government ordered for students. We do not have any information about these tablets and if government returned those tablets and demanded a refund for them or government is going to dump these old tablets in dustbin. Another question that comes in mind is about its cost since government is asking for a better hardware configuration so its cost may also increase and we are not sure if government will agree on that particular point.

Aakash 4 tablet

Furthermore, Indian government want to make sure that this project remains a completely Indian project that’s why they do not want to invite any foreign company for its design or development. Because of this specific requirement chances are there that Indian Smartphone companies like Micromax and Karbonn will show sincere interest in this project. Since these companies already have a hand on experience of making cost effective Smartphone and tablet devices so they can do it for this government project as well.

However, all this information is on paper only and we don’t know how soon it will transform into a reality because it is only a requirement for Aakash 4 tablet and until now Indian government has not finalized any vendor for its creation. Another drawback that is related to Aakash tablet is that, Indian government is trying to deliver affordable tablets to students from 2009 and until now none of the student received any benefit from Aakash tablets. Still we are hoping this time government will try to deliver it soon and students will be able to use Aakash 4 tablet for their educational purpose.

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