AndyPad Tablet Review, Specifications and Release Date

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AndyPad Tablet Price

Andy Pad, the UK based company has introduced their up coming Android Tablet, called AndyPad Tablet. The AndyPad Tablet is based on Android 2.3 for operating system and comes with affordable price at £129 or about $208.

AndyPad Tablet Specifications

There is no many informations about AndyPad Tablet, but the company promise if the Android tablet will be comes with the most popular games, utilities and tools for use immediately, including cutting edge 3D games, like Twitter app, Facebook apps, Buble Blast game, Drag Racing game, Glow Hockey, Pig Rush game and many more. For specifications, AndyPad have confirmed that the AndyPad Tablet will feature a ARM Cortex-A8 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, full 1080p HDMI out, a mini SD card reader, micro USB and WiFi that providing a tablet computer that can run the 3D games and output HD video at a competitive price.

AndyPad Tablet Release Date
“There’s been a lot of talk about the price” said Andy Pad Business Development Executive George Eastmead “but we’re willing to confirm at this stage that on release, the Andy Pad will market for less than £200”. The AndyPad Tablet is ideal for media, business, homework, gaming or simply browsing the internet and expected will be release the next couple of months.

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