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RIM’s rumored BlackBerry tablet may have had firmer details provided today through a research note from Rodman and Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar later on Friday. New BlackBerry Tablet will compete with the iPad for tablet users. Blackberry is already known to be the number-one choice for business users, as shown with the sales in their mobile devices.

The biggest news about the release of the RIM BlackBerry tablet is that it will have Flash support. Blackberry plans to ditch the 8.9 inch form factor for a more portable 7 inch screen, which makes it a little bit bigger than the Dell Streak and smaller than the iPad, which might prove the right combination for road warriors.

RIM has a new version of its BlackBerry smartphone up its sleeve, this time with a slide-out keyboard. BlackBerry Tablet also have its own 3G cellular chip provided by a 1GHZ Marvell Armada 610, an ARMv7 core chip with the same architecture as Cortex-A8. This chip is specially made for tablets and eReaders, featuring Full HD 1080p playback and a 3D graphics unit.

The operating system running on the RIM Tablet is also new: BlackBerry OS 6, which the company previewed earlier this year, which seems to be heavily oriented on touch input and social media features (such as Facebook and Twitter), so we might see in a few years that most of the RIM’s smartphones will use a touch interface, which would replace the horizontal screen with QWERTY keyboard layout that made the company famous. The BlackBerry tablet also has phone, web, calendar, and SMS or Instant Messaging abilities.

The BlackBerry tablet will also come with front and back cameras, making it possible for video chat support and be ideal for video conferencing. RIM has already said that BlackBerry Tablet will ship by the end of the third quarter, or by September 30. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak at this the BlackBerry 6 tablet.

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