CTL 2go Studybook L7 Windows 7 Tablet Ready for Order-Review and Specs

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CTL, the Portland, Oregon based company has officially announced their latest 7 inch rugged tablet, called as CTL 2go Studybook L7. Comes with portable design with ruggedized chassis that featuring dust and water resistant plus designed to withstands a drop from desk height, the 2go Studybook L7 tablet is the first 7 inch tablet on the market that featuring ruggedized design.

Under the hood, new CTL tablet will be powered by a single-core processor Intel Atom Z650 with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and coupled with 1GB of 800Mhz Sodimm Raw Acess Material (RAM) provides good performance to handle smooth and responsive operation for daily tasking. It’s packed with a 32GB M-SATA solid state drive for store your multimedia and works files and offers up to six hours of battery life on single charge give you more time working away from the main power source.

Designed for students, teachers, mobile workforce and people on-the-go who need portable device for daily activities, CTL Studybook L7 sports a 7 inch 7-inch touch screen LCD display that can produce maximum resolution at 1024 x 600 pixels. The rugged table also equipped with a webcam built into bezel with integrated microphone and speakers for video callings with your colleagues or family, USB port, bluetooth to easily wirelessly transfer/ synchronize data to and from different compatible device, such as smartphone, laptop, camera and WiFi for wireless internet connections.

Director of Research and Planning at Intel corp, Wayne Grant said if the compnay excited to see CTL bring the studybook L7 and make the students have a new, exciting and fun way to engage in interactive and collaborative learning. According the company, the 2go Studybook L7 tablet will be available in two models depending on the operating system, CTL 2go Studybook L7 with Microsoft Windows 7 as the perating system has price tag at $469 and ready for purchase now, while the second models will be ship with Google Android for operating system and expected will be ready to ship in June, 2012, but no word on pricing at this moment.

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