LG e-Paper Review and Specs

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LG the leading technology companies has showed off at FPD International in Japan its first commercial electronic color paper display. LG e-Paper comes with two models, 9.7-inch LG colour e-Paper and LG¬† e-Paper E Ink’s screen.

Both of them will measure 9.7 inches diagonally display and very thin at just 0.601mm thick. The first being fully color with an 800 x 600 resolution and can display 4,096 colors which just happens to exactly match with similar specifications to 9.7-inch E Ink’s screen. The technology being used behind the ePaper is that of the GIP (Gate in Panel) Technology. According to this technology, the Gate Driver IC is placed into the panel itself, quite contrary to the placing of it along the spine or the outside of the device.

Like all another e-paper screens, there is no light source inside the display and it relies on reflected ambient light to make its image visible. The LG ePaper designed with metal foil over a TFT Display, which comes instead of glass display. This will actually enable the image on the ePaper to retain its shape as it warps and bends. it also can display 16 levels of grayscale, and has a 140-degree viewing angle.

There is no information on availability or price at press time.

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