NoteSlate Tablet Review, Specs, Price and Release Date

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Whether you are looking for cheap tablet ? This NoteSlate is well suited for you with price of $99 and will be release in June, 2011 with a variety of two-tone designs. With a choice of black or white backgrounds on the matte monochrome display, 4 different models with black backgrounds and blue, white, green, or red text and pictures.

NoteSlate is budget-friendly tablet and offers 13 inch eInk monochrome screen that provide resolution of 750 x 1080 pixel display with smooth edges and a matte screen to provide the feel of paper when in use with the stylus. The NoteSlate tablet is packs with 180 hours of battery life, pen with eraser, USB mini, SD Card, Jack 3.5 mm, headphones socket, AC/DC 12V and Wi-Fi module on request with order (without charge). The device also support for reading PDF files and OCR text recognition for converting written notes to plain text

Measuring in 210 x 310 x 6mm thin body with weight only 280 g, the NoteSlate tablet also equipped with 3 physical buttons for a simple user experience, allowing you to, save current screen , view previous screen or delete current screens at the touch of a button. NoteSlate is easy, compact and portable device for everyone in a daily life that allows users to take notes quickly and easily and either save them for later or delete on demand.


  1. will buy for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂 m/

  2. Shotgunfred says:

    Great Idea, if the pdf support can open large pdf books its a steal!
    (Also create some software that optimizes your pdf’s to suit the hardware specs so you can still browse quickly and also write notes on them.

  3. Daniel Mclaren says:

    it’s so awesome, i will definitely buy this one!


    when I can buy a note salt and how is the price and where a can buy


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