Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Goes Official Today

Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet does come out impressively in the riot of world gadget war. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, however, still tries to deliver a good deal of improvement over that great-selling gadget with the company’s newly announced Galaxy Tab 3; this brand new device goes official in April 29, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

At a glance, Galaxy Tab 3 is pretty much similar to its predecessor. It has 7-inch TFT display with the resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 1.2 GHz processor, 1.3 MP and 3 MP cameras, and a maximum memory capacity expansion up to 64 GB. Compared to the previous Tab models, the processor is slightly upgraded yet most other features and specifications remain unchanged. Besides the processor, differences (or upgrades) are mainly on dimension and operating system. The overall dimension of Galaxy Tab 3 measures at 7.4-inch tall x 4.37-inch wide x 0.39-inch thick; it weighs only 0.67 pounds. It is indeed smaller than its older brother, but you may not really notice. In terms of operating system, the newly announced tablet is equipped with 4.1 Android Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung plans to deliver two different variants of Tab 3 including WiFi and 3G versions. The WiFi-enabled device will be available widely in May, while the 3G type will have to wait for another month before reaching the market. Both versions are able to make calls, although the 3G model is not equipped with LTE.

In general, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does not bring something new to Android fans. In fact, the new device is not likely to beat a strong competitor such as Asus Nexus7 which has better battery capacity and more powerful processor. Samsung lovers, nonetheless, may notice numerous refinements over Tab 2 in many aspects as follows:

1. Portability

The most obvious refinement at a glance is physical appearance. The new device is generally smaller, thinner, as well as lighter than Tab 2. Such design directly delivers better portability aspect allowing users to hold the Android tablet with one hand comfortably for few hours. This should make a better device for reading and going online. Furthermore, smaller device is as well easier to carry.

2. Multimedia Features

It comes with a native 8 GB or the optional 16 GB internal storage capacity, which is expandable up to 64 GB. There are plenty of spaces where you can store videos, movies, songs, and other multimedia contents in the small device. There is also a better brain planted to the successor of Tab 2. The new gadget is powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM for better performance in running apps and other tasks.

3. Interface and User Experience

Galaxy Tab users are now provided with a new (not necessarily the latest available) version of Android operating system that is 4.1 Jelly Bean. It does bring plenty of improvements over the 4.0 such as easier photo viewing and sharing, smarter keyboard, and more.

There is only a few new things found in Galaxy Tab 3, but Samsung smartly puts those improvements in the aspects where users will greatly appreciate including physical appearance and operating system. There are no details concerning the price so far, but the WiFi version will be available in the beginning of May followed by its 3G variant in June.

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