Samsung S-Pad With Super AMOLED Review

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Samsung is reportedly readying a 7-inch Android tablet for later this year. Samsung promised last month that their tablet would have PC-grade processing power and connectivity. The Samsung tablet, or slate, or pad, or whatever moniker you personally prefer will reportedly be called the S-Pad and will run Android on its 7-inch Super AMOLED screen. Samsung S-Pad it would be meant to compete more against iPhone OS devices than traditional computers and would use the technologies developed for the Samsung Wave.

The S-Pad will have 3G connectivity embedded in the system and will be targeted at the ebook reading population. the device will be powered by Googles Android OS, and sport a 7-inch Super AMOLED display, as well as built in Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. In Korea, the S-Pad might have an e-book focus as Samsung already has a deal with Kyobo Books for online content on its e-reader and could extend this to its tablet and Samsungs own Samsung Apps application store.

Samsung’s super AMOLED screens are said to be five times brighter than the average LCD, and will perform 20 per cent better when used outside. That display does sound intriguing. The Samsung S-Pad will also reportedly run Google Android, despite some reports that are apparently suggesting it might run Samsungs BADA OS, which was also developed for smartphones.

The S-Pad launch is expected to happen in August of this year. Samsung is also working on high quality applications, which is understandable since content is as equally important as the hardware.

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