Vizio Vtab 1008 Android Tablet Review, Design, Specifications and Price

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Vizio Vtab 1008 Price

Vizio has unveiled their new Vtab 1008 Android tablet during the CES 2011 event, hit the FCC and approval on May and now, Vizio Vtab 1008 Tablet is available for pre order. You can pre order now with scheduled ship on July 18th or you can get it with visit the retail store on July 25th, 2011 with starting price at $349.

Vizio Vtab 1008 Features and Design

Comes with ultra-light design and measures in 6.6 x 8.1 x .48 inch with weight 1.2 lbs, the Vtab 1008 tablet features built-in GPS, HDMI port with fully HDCP compliant for connect to multiple TVs and monitors, Flash Support, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer and built in IR blaster for Universal remote functionality for your home theater devices like TVs, DVRs and Blu ray players.

Vizio Vtab 1008 Specifications

Vizio Vtab 1008 also pre loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread for operating system and also access to Google Mobile Service (Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc) and download useful apps on Android Market. Like the other Android Tablet, the device offer multimedia features like Front facing VGA Camera for video chats, Bluetooth for transfer your data and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Unfortunately, the Vizio 1008 tablet didn’t support for SIM Card slot, so you can only connect to internet in Wireless area.

In term of specs, Vizio Vtab 1008 Tablet is powered by a 1GHz processor with 512Mb of RAM, an 8-inch touchscreen LED LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, a 2GB internal storage with support expandable up to 32 GB via microSD cards and a battery that provide Up to 10hrs of battery use. Other specs of the Vtab 1008 Tablet are USB port, 3.5mm Headphone Jack and stereo speakers with SRS TruMedia premium audio for landscape and portrait orientation. So, are you interesting with this device and decide to buy it?


  1. The VTAB is one of the brightest, fastest, easiset to work tablets for the price. Whoever made this and the Android Market to support it came up with something that in many cases works better than a laptop. It has replaced my laptop in usage time. The only deficiency is the charger plug. Position it right or it won’t charge. Battery does good at 5 hours which rivals my laptop. Very happy indeed!

  2. I have two VTAB1008 , one for me and one for my wife, and now am sorry we own them. They were bought to replace our Palm Pilots which we used for mobile data and to manage our health, diabetes, blood pressure, diet and exercise. The original OS and the first “upgrade” were OK. Neither allowed “rooting” of the OS and Vizios implementation (an outside contractot actually) of the OS prevented rooting after the first update. This means your 32GB plugin SD card is just for storage, not exrra room for the OS. Overall, operation was good although the browser, stock built-in and Dolphin HD, constantly crashes when playing videos, or even on some hyperlinks.
    Vizio just updatd to Gingerbread 3.2, which I refer to as birdbrain 0.0, and has rendered the thing basically worthless, in my opinion. For staters the screen is rearranged with the menu, back and “home” buttons moved onto the screen which reduces screen space. To make up for that the default font size has been reduced to the point where you may as well be looking at a smartphone rather than something the size of a VTAB. Of course, the tiny size makes touching any hyperlink button a pain unless every screen is resized. Some screens can no longer be resized.
    This may be a sbjective observation, but since the “upgrade” every application has slowed to a crawl. I know its not a quad core desktop, but prior to the birdbrain upsate things moved fairly well. Now just loading Dolphin takes a long time as do boots, which have turned into “turn it on, walk away, have coffee, come back and it’ll be almost done” marathons.
    I consider myself fairly technologically skilled, Advanced Class ham license, various computer certifications in networking and OS, but I am not willing to fooly with rooting the VTAB. Now, after this “wonderful” update, they’ve turned into large, black leather coasters.
    My focus on rooting the device stems from my desire to either unload or stop some services that are loaded by default. These services, such as “maps” are part of the Google suite and allow Google to track what I do whenever I use the tablet. While some people don’t seem concerned with their own secuirty and privacy, I’m old school and am very concerned with both.
    On the good side, the touchscreen is working a lot better since the upgrade, generally, but still develops dead spots occassionally which is a very disconcerting problem. All of a sudden some screen areas becom unresponsive. I have noticed that this phenomenon seems to happen to the top left and lower right corners predominantly. And, no I am not accidentally touching the screen anywhere else.
    Overall, a moderatley good product has been “upgraded” into a product that is no longer functional, at least to me. I would not reccommend the VTAB to anyone and would suggest buying a more capable, manageable product.

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