The Best Android Tablets

Those who are looking for the best android tablets will find some interesting choices. One of the most notable features of products that use the android operating system is that it is open source software, so different manufacturers can customize it. This leads to a variety of products that often are feature rich, but have a slightly different system than other similar products. There are also a variety of versions, and products with the older version can be significantly less expensive.

The Best Android Tablets Features:

Some of the features that make the best android tablets such an attractive buy is that they have all the necessary hardware to be fully featured portable PCs. The touch screen is an excellent input device and the open source nature of android means software developers can design their own virtual keyboards and anyone can install them. In addition to using the touch screen as a keyboard, it makes an intriguing way to watch video on a portable device. This is not the best setup for audio, but the headphone jack makes it possible to get high quality audio and it will be private.

The Latest gadget news will point out that unless the device has one of the newer dual core processors, video playback can suffer as a single core processor may not have the punch needed to render quality video. This reveals another interesting feature of these tablets. Those that can be set up with root access probably can have its settings tweaked to improve processor performance for better video playback. This will put a drain on the battery, but most people would consider this a virtual upgrade.

The Best Android Tablets

The Best Android Tablets

As part of the Gadget review one of the features that makes the best android tablets such a valuable asset is the Wi-Fi connectivity. This gives the tablet Internet access any place it can connect to an open network. This added functionality expands the number of ways the tablet can be used. It can connect with instant messaging applications and social networks making it a very competitive communications device. It also will be able to stream a wide variety of audio and video sources. The variety of apps and cloud storage services make it possible to work with practically any file type. Those who want to use their tablet for productivity have plenty of opportunities to use technology to increase how much they can get done. The combination of these features also increases the number of places projects can be worked on.

Some of the new technology in the best Android Tablets that is getting a lot attention is the latest software version. More devices are being upgraded to the Jelly Bean version of the operating system and more open source developers are offering customized solutions even before manufacturers roll out their branded versions. As attractive as the software is, there are some powerful multi-core processors that are showing up in more devices. Since the best android tablets is primarily designed to be a mobile operating system, it is not optimized for such powerful hardware, so it will be interesting to see how the next version of software tries to take advantage of this opportunity.

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