Gadget Review: Samsung Google Nexus S

The Samsung Google Nexus S is one of the curved Smartphone offered by Samsung that carries the Gingerbread OS v.2.3. Coming from the company that is synonymous with high quality and superior performance when it comes to Smartphone mobile technology, it has a 4 inch flexible display, it has the least amount of buttons, and has come equipped with a 3D mapping technology provided by Google Apps. It is available online and from authorized retail shops and comes unlocked to work compatibly with any authorized GSM Mobile carriers.

Samsung Google Nexus S Specifications And Features


With minimized buttons and controls the phone looks sleek, classy and less complicated to operate. Although lightweight, its features and functions are the same as other brands of Smartphone available in the market. At a compact size of 4.8 inches, the battery is already included in the phone but the weight is still light and handy to fit in your pocket.

Flexible Screen Display

The curved super AMOLED display screen provides the best and brightest resolution to view clear and sharp images. Even if you are outdoors and it’s sunny you can appreciate the bright display and there is no need to look for a shade or cover the phone from the sun’s glare to see what the screen currently shows. Photos look more stunning, even videos provide clear image display function. The curved feature adds more flexibility and comfort and also has an anti smudge feature which means even if there are lots of fingerprint marks on the screen the phone will still deliver its optimum performance.

Samsung Google Nexus S smartphone


The Nexus S is not equipped with a physical keypad. Most of the typing and text appears on the screen in a clutter free design and layout. It also comes with a speech recognition feature that may be used instead of typing the text. Both ways can be enjoyed on this Smartphone.

Software and Hardware

Beneath its sleek exterior, the Nexus S has more noteworthy features when it comes to software and hardware performance. It is powered by a 1.8 GHz A8 Hummingbird processor. It delivers faster performance when viewing images, playing music, watching videos, and loads apps and programs immediately. It is one of the first Smartphone that has adapted the innovative Android Gingerbread OS 2.3 software for a more delightful mobile experience. It ensures that the user can enjoy a glitch free performance when playing games, listening to music, taking pictures, browsing the web with its 3G/Wi-Fi capability, checking emails, social media use, transfer files via Bluetooth technology, navigate the Google Maps 5.0, get updates on their news and weather apps, and make use of all the other helpful apps loaded in their phone at the top of the finger. With a built-in 16 GB storage space in a 512 MB RAM, the possibilities are endless.


It comes with two built-in cameras, one in the front (VGA) which is applicable for video calls, and one at the back (5 mp) for taking excellent photos with adjustable settings and modes.

Battery Life

The Nexus S basically uses a standard Li-Ion battery. It has a longer battery life in a standby time of up to 713 hours and talk time capacity of 14 hours.


It is now available online or at authorized Samsung retailers at $200.

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