LG Beats Samsung To Release Of Curved OLED TV Technology

It has been a tense and interesting race between technology giants LG and Samsung over the release of the ground-breaking Curved OLED TV. The CES 2013 edition saw the two technology giants duke it out with each company claiming it will be the first to release the innovation. LG seems to have one that race following their announcement of the release of the Curved OLED TV in May this year. The announcement means that LG will be the first to launch this top of the range TV just next month. According to a news release the Curved OLED TV will hit the shelves in South Korea before the sales drive goes global.

LG 55A9800 Curved OLED Technology News

The TV is an incredible innovation that comes with a 55-inch screen for optimal display. LG’s new release is a 55A9800 Curved OLED TV with a precisely 54.6-inch wide screen. The marvel of this technology is in that the edges of the TV set as the title suggests, curve forward on both the left and right sides to render a high end immersive “IMAX-like” projection. According to LG five years were invested into intense research leading to the invention of the curved jewel. LG states that immense attention was paid by researchers to arrive at the optimum curvature while ensuring that that whole screen surface is equidistant from the eyes of the viewer.

LG Curved OLED TV Technology

News has it that the shipping of the product features to Korea, which is the first country to be graced by the release, began in February this year. The 55EA9800 is powered by LG’s WRGB technology that renders the white sub-pixel to the regular red, blue and green sub-pixels. In resemblance of the non curvy TV display innovations by LG the curved marvel comes with an unlimited contrast ratio that is not restricted to ambient brightness or the viewing angle.

The LG Curved OLED TV screen is just 4.3 mm thick with a weight of 17kg. For the tech savvy LG has ensured that the release comes with a wall mount for this TV. The technology company has started accepting pre-orders for the coming 55EA9800 in South Korea. LG has an expanse retail network in South Korea that spans over 1 400 outlets. The company is aiming to deliver the new TV release to all its mainstream retailers in South Korea by end of May. The TV is reportedly priced at US$13 500 which translates to 15 million Korean Won. LG has mentioned that the actual pricing as well as the release dates for other global markets will be announced in due course.

While the market is holding its breath for the look and feel of the much vaunted Curved OLED TV by LG expectations are as to what Samsung has up its sleeves. Samsung is a stern rival in technology innovations having recorded newsworthy strides and sales in the mobile technologies industry with its Samsung Galaxy series that is soon to be complimented by another mobile technology vogue , the Samsung Galaxy S 4. It will be interesting to see what Samsung has to offer in the fray of Curved OLED television innovation.

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