Dalek R/C Watch, Fooling Around With Robot

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Even if we have been adult, this Dalek R/C Watch might attract us more than you can imagine. How come it is not, since Doctor Who is so memorable in our heads. There is a lot of any merchandise from Doctor Who, but maybe this is the one that have double super function. When you hold this Doctor Who R/C Watch you just could not let this one thing go away from your eyes for sure.

Playing With Dalek R/C Watch

Looking from the brand name, of course the producer hopes that this Dalek R/C Watch could be an amusing device to show the right time. But after looking at how a Blue Dalek toy attached within the package, we could not say that this is a watch that been sold. For your information, if you put the Blue Dalek in a surface, you could control it right from buttons on your Dalek R/C wristwatch. Put the watch and be in command of Dalek to conquer this world!

Dalek RC Watch

Looking at Dalek R/C Watch

The watch itself is also stylish. With dark grey on its band, the metallic blue color of the Dalek picture in the watch looked amazing. It is digital watch, so in the circle where the time shown, the number only placed a little box in upper side. While in the whole circle there is big Dalek with white body, dark blue right arm, and yellow left arm. There is some writing in the Dalek R/C Watch band in white.

When you do not intend to play with Dalek, you could just attach it back to the watch band. Other than that, you could hang it as cute key chain. If we are the adult could not hold ourselves from the amusement, then could you imagine what will happen if you give Dalek R/C Watch as present for kids?

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