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By looking at the appearance of equation watch surely it must have been the best invention this year. Having a regular style, just like what anybody else wear would become such a boring thing nowadays. There are a lot of watch design offered, whether they are analog or digital one. But what is so special to wear something that has twins all over the world. If you want to be someone famous, you have to do something extremely different with common. Maybe you could just start from the smallest thing that you could wear, a watch. You might like what mathematical equation watch have on it.

What is Equation Watch

If you dislike mathematic, you better think about it again. However, we could not stay away from numbers in our daily life. Therefore, rather than waste what we have learnt in school, it would be better if you could apply it in equation watch. This watch is not a common one that shows number directly. This is a watch that makes you beat your brain out guessing the right clock shown.

Equation Watch

The Advantages of Equation Watch

This watch will not give you straight answer about the time. For example, instead of put number twelve in the upper most of the watch, this watch shows root of 144. Maybe yes you could just guess the time by looking at the direction indicated by needles of the watch. But since this is equation watch you could at least enjoy calculating the equation.

Surely this would be a marvelous gadget to be brag about to your friend. Besides you could let anybody see the unique side of you, you could also maximize the function of your left brain by training with this math equation watch. At least you could still remember what the value of cos (0) is, how to count square and root, and operating simple equation like times, divides, and other. This equation watch will make you to be someone smartly cool and nerd at once.

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