iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller, New Era of Console Game

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No need to tell that every gamer in this world would long for this iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller. For those who are really fond of console game this is a heavenly needed device to be brought wherever to go. We know that nowadays smartphones have been the developing mobile gaming device. In the future this must be the biggest trend with the full touch screen characteristic. But for some reason, playing with the touch screen is not giving much feeling. Therefore this iDroid Bluetooth controller mobile gaming would become your favorite after all.

Looking at iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller

This iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller is a wireless Bluetooth controller. So you just need to pair the device with your smartphone and play with it right away. You do not need to worry about the specification since this device is made for devices powered by both Android and iOS. Once you try using it, it will become such an addiction for your gaming experience.

iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Consider Using iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Just like usual game controller, this is iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller also completed with analog thumb sticks. Of course there are also several analog L and R triggers that have no different function. Just like what is written in any other iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller review this device also provides digital game pad as well. You could play any console game within your smart phone comfortably now.

About the power used in this controller is a built in li-Ion battery that could be recharged any time. There is also USB cord to be attached so that it could recharge the battery as well. Therefore, there is no need for you to be worried about the longevity of the battery life. Besides for playing games, this iDroid Bluetooth Gaming Controller could also become another controller function such as mouse and keyboard.

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