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There are several choices that could be chosen for mini speakers including X-Mini Capsule Speakers. Besides the design, the specification and characteristic of this speaker could be compared with any other portable speaker. There is nothing that could be such a good package like this one do. Even though it offers a tagline with unbelievably loud, you better recheck about X-Mini Capsule Speakers review and then make your decision.

What is Offered by X-Mini Capsule Speakers

When the product is labeled with mini, then the size is small for real. Even, maybe it is a little bit smaller than ball for softball game. You could grip the speaker within your hand. Is not it cute? Moreover the color that is offered is varied; there are black, red, and also white. With those colors of X-Mini Capsule Speakers you must be felt funky enough.

Since it is small, of course it is light weight as well. On the base of it, we could find power button and a fixed 3.5 mm of audio plug, a tiny one. This speaker also gives alternatives for the plug in by combining USB and audio cable in the box. As for the battery, this device also equipped with the standard 3.5 mm socket. Besides, you could also recharge the energy via micro-USB port. Even with this 40 mm driver of X-Mini Capsule Speakers could give 2.5 W output.

X-Mini Capsule Speakers

Looking Into X-Mini Capsule Speakers

If you do not plan on start a party in your room or in your car, actually this small speaker is a good enough choice. Before you decide in purchasing one, maybe you could compare X-Mini Capsule Speakers price with any other portable speaker with similar price. You could see which one that has better specification that could meet your need. Even so, this X-Mini Capsule Speakers is not that bad to be a great speaker with cute design.

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